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"The Mene and Moy Skin Care range of active cosmetics contains naturally occurring compounds that have been skilfully combined and presented in order to pass through the skin barrier to reach the dermis below. Powerful concentrations of vitamin C (collagen and elastin stimulation), phytic acid (melanocyte stabilisation) and glycolic acid (exfoliation and further collagen synthesis) are combined with soothing and nourishing chamomile, vitamins E and A, shea butter, orchid oils and bisabolol to achieve well tolerated highly effective anti-ageing skin creams."

Mene and Moy Facial Lotion C 20 - Vitamin C 20% in an absorbable form associated with 6% glycolic acid, green tea, vitamins E and A and grapeseed extract. One of the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants currently available. pH 3.8. Stimulates collagen and elastin formation; antioxidants protect and repair skin from sun and pollution damage. Excellent make-up base. Well tolerated by all skin types.

Mene & Moy Eye Contour C5 - Weaker formulation of Vitamin C 20 lotion for day use around the sensitive eye area. Contains vitamin C derivative 5%, grapeseed extract, vitamins E and A, phytic acid, glycolic acid 4% and shea butter.

mene and moy - morning use & night care

Mene & Moy Stand By Cream C 5 Vitamin C 5%, phytic acid 4%, vitamins A and E, grapeseed extract soothes the skin and encourages maximal collagen production following therapeutic peeling and when the skin is irritated by retinoic acid or hydroquinone. The addition of shea butter, bisabolol and chamomile extract makes this cream soothing and intensely moisturising. pH 7.

Mene and Moy Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 UVA/UVB Sunscreen, formulated to offer useful broad spectrum protection. Contains Titanium Dioxide and and Zinc Oxide (Z-Cote). Can be used over the Facial Lotion C20.

Mene & Moy Oily Skin & Acne Gel Glycolic acid 8% and benzylkonium chloride which removes excess oil in acne-prone skin. Use once or twice daily.

Oily Skin & Acne Gel - Mene & Moy - MAMM203
mene and moy - night care

Mene and Moy Advanced Cream Maximally tolerated 30% glycolic acid and 5% Vitamin C night cream for thick, inelastic, aged and sun-damaged dry, irregularly pigmented skin. Recommended to begin with Enhanced and work up to Advanced C. pH 3.4.

Mene and Moy Enhanced Cream - WMMM201

Mene and Moy Enhanced Cream Exfoliating night cream for normal skin contains 15% glycolic acid. Tolerated by all skin types. With sensitive skin use alternate nights then work up to nightly use. Use also to prepare severely damaged, thicker skin for continued treatment with Advanced C cream (30%). pH 4.

Mene & Moy Phytic Acid Cream Creamy moisturising formulation containing 8% glycolic acid and 2% phytic acid to stabilise melanocytes in irregularly pigmented skin and for therapeutic depigmenting procedures. pH 3.4.


Mene & Moy Facial Cleanser Wash-off cleanser containing 4% glycolic acid. Dry or sensitive skin. pH 3.8. (Sometimes called: Cleanser Sensitive Skin)

Mene & Moy Face & Body Cleanser Wash-off cleanser containing 15% glycolic acid for body and skin already accustomed to glycolic acid. Treatment of acne, oily skin and open pores, severe sun damage. pH 3.7.

Mene & Moy Glycolic Acid Masque 10% Deep cleansing, exfoliating facial mask containing 10% glycolic acid. pH 3.00. For weekly home use on acne, oily skin and open pores in conjunction with other home care products.

body products

Revitalizing Lotion Particularly recommended for saggy, dry skin showing signs of ageing; also stretch marks and in combination with cellulite/weight loss routine. Also can be used on saggy arm tissue. Exfoliating body lotion for normal skin contains 15% glycolic acid. Apply nightly after bathing. Tolerated by all skin types. With sensitive skin use alternate nights then work up to nightly use. For older, more damaged skin use one bottle before progressing to Advanced Body Lotion (30%). pH 4.2.

Mene & Moy Advanced C Body Lotion Maximally tolerated 30% glycolic acid and 5% Vitamin C night body lotion for thick, inelastic, aged, stretched and sun-damaged dry, irregularly pigmented skin. Recommended to begin with Revitalising lotion and work up to Advanced C. Excellent for saggy skin over arms. pH 4.0.

Mene and Moy Facial Masque C 10 Transparent peel-off mask containing 10% vitamin C derivative and anti-oxidant vitamins E, A, phytic acid, bisabolol and zinc. For sensitive skins, post-peeling, intense hydration and soothing. Suitable for all skins. Day spa for the face. pH 4.3.

Facial Masque C10 - Mene & Moy - WMMM104
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Facial Lotion C20, 30ml, WMMM103 £33.25

Eye Contour C5, 30ml, WMMM109 £26.30

Standby Cream, 30ml, WMMM102 £26.75

Fac. Sunscreen, 50ml, WMMM101 £24.45

Oily Skin Gel, 120ml, MAMM203 £26.00

Advanced Cream, 50g,

Enhanced Cream, 50g, WMMM201 £29.00

Phytic Acid Cream, 50g, WMMM106 £27.75

Facial Cleanser, 150ml, WMMM107 £24.00

Face & Body Cleanser,
150ml, WMMM108

G A Masque, 75mg,

Revitalising Lotion, 150ml, WMMM105 £32.50

Advanced C Body L, 150ml, WMMM301 £37.50

Facial Masque C10, 50ml, WMMM104 £32.75

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Mene & Moy Gentle Silky Cleanser Is a very delicate concentrated creamy cleanser for very sensitive skins. Having a neutral pH, this cleanser is ideal for all skin types and for the post-treatment. Rich, creamy lather offers the benefits of thoroughly removing make-up, excess oil secretions, surface impurities, dead skin cells, cleanses, purifies and restores the skin's natural balance. Contains: Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract, Chamomile Extract, Ascorbyl Pectinate, Green Tea Extract, Panthenol.

Gentle Cleanser, 150ml

C Silk Touch Infusion - Mene & Moy - MAMM501

Mene & Moy C Silk Touch Infusion Antioxidant - A triple antioxidant protection. The most efficacious blend of vitamins ever developed with vitamin C, renowned for its ability to increase collagen synthesis, vitamin E to moisturize from within and vitamin A to aid in the reduction of fine lines. An alternative to Facial Lotion C20.

Silk Touch, 30ml, MAMM501 £44.00

Mene & Moy Endless Facial Moisturiser - A blended Silicone Crosspolymer system to deliver moisture on an "endless" basis - hydration can continue for as long as the polymer is not washed off the skin. Contains Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamins A,B,E and Beta Glucan, amongst other important ingredients. Beta Glucan helps boost the skins natural defence system, protecting against environmental damage. Silicone Crosspolymer, offers endless hydration. Biomin Aquacinque, reacts with skin protein and strengthens skin cells and Vitamins A,B,& E.

Endless Moist., 50ml, MAMM502 £43.00

Intensive BTF Startum - Mene & Moy - MAMM503

Mene & Moy Intensive BTF Stratum - An active complex, clinically proven to facilitate the regeneration of skin cells and reduce visible signs of ageing. A bio-engineered cellular composition that stores a network of anti-oxidants in the cell membrane and facilitates the transport of these free-radical scavengers deep into the bilayer membranes of the skin cells. Intensive BTF Stratum will help in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the skin texture and elasticity. Excellent as a night cream to compensate for sun damage.

Int. BTF 30ml, MAMM503 £43.00

Ultra Dry Skin Treatment - A powerful "water in oil" emulsion that is very suitable for ultra-dry skin and extreme weather conditions. It contains special key ingredients to provide moisture and to help the skin to regenerate. Excellent for winter sun and wind. Vitamin A polypeptide, deep penetrating form of Vitamin A, Vitamin E deeper skin hydrator, Shea Butter supplies lipids to the skin, Soybean Oil softens the skin, Niacinamide increase blood circulation.

Ult Dry. Skin, 50ml, MAMM504 £41.50

Mene & Moy Yellow Peel Balm - MAMM1101

Yellow Peel Balm - Designed to recover lip volume, reduce wrinkles & dryness of the lips as well as to moisturise. Helps restore colour. Not to be used on broken skin around lips or whilst pregnant.

Yellow Peel 6g, MAMM1101 £95.00

Facial Cleanser/ Face & Body Cleanser - Mene & Moy - MAMM506

This product guide suggest SOME (by no means all!) of the protocols for Mene and Moy.

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Mene and Moy Revitalising Gel - Regulating gel for oily, seborrheic, acne-prone skin or skin suffering from beard folliculitis. Revitalizing Gel regulates the secretion of sebum and refines the skin's texture.Helps reduce black heads to exfoliate dead cells and refine skin texture. 15% Glycolic Acid and 5% Ammonium hydroxide, 120ml.

Revitalising Gel, 50ml, MAMM115 £29.50

Mene & Moy Facial Lotion C20 - WMMM103
Mene and Moy Stand by Cream C5 - WMMM102
Mene & Moy Eye Contour C5 - WMM109
Ultra Dry Skin Treatment - Mene and Moy - MAMM504
Revitalising Gel - Mene and Moy - MAMM115
Advanced Cream Mene and Moy - WMMM302
Phytic Acid Cream - Mene & Moy - WMMM106
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Mene & Moy Advanced C Body Lotion - WMMM301
Revitalising Lotion Mene and Moy - WMMM105
Facial Cleanser,  Face and Body Cleanser - Mene and Moy WMMM107_108

Mene and Moy Nutri Cream - A moisturising night cream, containing 4% of Phytic Acid, Vitamin E and other anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substances. Helps the treatment of surface stains on highly sensitive skin and for the treatment of dark patches on the skin around the eyes. pH8.00. (No expanded image at present)

Nutri Cream
50ml, MAMM303

Mene and Moy Nutri Cream - MAMM303
Mene and Moy Advanced Nutri Lip - MAMM01102

Mene and Moy Advanced Nutri-Lip (Clear) - is a balm that prevents dry lips and keeps them smooth and vibrant. With Vitamin A and E, Soyabean and Wheatgerm oil.
MAMM01102   6ml

Microdermabrasion Polishing Cream - Combining pumice with a scrubbing action improves skin's appearance, giving it a healthy glow. Helps to smooth the surface of the skin by removing cellular waste, tightening pores, evens skin tone and reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum.
MAMM01103     70ml    

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The Konjac Sponge - gently massages the skin and stimulates blood flow and new growth of skin cells. There is no need for additional cleansers or soaps unless wanted. Should you chose to use additional cleansers or soap, you can use a fraction of your usual amount, as the sponge will generate more bubbles and spread the cleaner further. The Konjac Puff Sponge is approximately 8cm in diameter and 3.5cm deep. The perfect palm size for face or body. Lightweight and perfect for everyday use. Excellent for all skin types, even those with hypersensitive skin. (Note - Dry Packed)

Natural, each
KONJAC1  £7.99

Red Clay, each
KONJAC2  £7.99

Green Clay, each
KONJAC3  £7.99

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There are four choices: Natural, for all skin types. Red Clay for dry and/ or mature skin, Green Clay for combination skin and French Pink Clay for tired and devitalised skin

French Pink Clay, each
KONJAC4  £7.99

Mene and Moy Facial Sunscreen - WMMM101

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