Homemade Lip Scrub

Sometimes, a lip balm just doesn’t cut it. You need something which is going to get rid of flakes, slough away dead skin cells and smooth the lips. When that is the case, you can easily make your own lip scrub to take care of it.

Simply combine brown sugar and olive oil to make a paste, then rub it into the lips, gently, in circular motions. Wipe away with a dry cloth, and apply a balm over the top. Do this daily until your lips are smooth and flake free!

Do You Wash?

Well, do you wash? Your makeup brushes that is.

Washing you makeup brushes is hugely important, for two reasons. The first is that a dirty makeup brush is never going to give you a nice looking makeup. Application will be more difficult, and the colour won’t be true.

The second reason is that dirty makeup brushes harbour bacteria. Whatever that brush touches, transfers the bacteria. This means that you are adding nasty bacteria to your skin which can cause issues like sensitivity and acne.

Make sure you wash your brushes every two weeks with baby shampoo, and use a baby wipe to spot clean them between more thorough washes.

Meet Wayne Goss

I love watching YouTube videos on beauty, makeup and skincare. However, not all of them are suitable for me. I don’t necessarily want Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials as a woman in my thirties. One YouTuber who always manages to create relevant content for me is Wayne Goss, known as GossMakeupArtist on YouTube.

He creates videos on makeup and skincare which are informative and helpful for women of any age, and men too! He’s worth subscribing to for his honest opinions of products and makeup application alone. He has a lot of integrity, and he keeps his videos short so you don’t need to spend 20 minutes watching, in order to get the info you need.

Collagen Supplements

In our first post on supplements, we’re going to take a look at collagen. Collagen is very important when it comes to skincare and looking youthful. Think of it like scaffolding for your skin – it holds everything up, making it look firm and plump. However, it depletes as it ages, meaning that the skin can start to look saggy and older.

Collagen supplements claim to add more collagen to the skin, plumping it back up and reducing signs of ageing. However, there is little evidence to support this claim. Instead, it is more likely that taking a collagen supplement will preserve the collagen you already have and slow it’s degradation. So, is it worthwhile? If you’re looking to undo premature ageing it won’t turn back the clock, but if you start using it now it may slow down the ageing process of the skin.


A Trick to Longer Legs

If you want longer, leaner legs this summer then you can fake your way to it. One way is to use a false tan, as tanned skin has a slimming property. However, not everyone can afford the time to use a tan, or wants to darken their skin.

If you’d prefer not to go to the effort of tanning, then you can use this simple trick to make your legs look longer and leaner. Simply add a touch of liquid highlighter to your body moisturiser, then apply it in a line down the front of your legs, and down the back, before blending. It tricks the eye and instantly makes legs look taller and slimmer, and it’s so easy!

Are beauty supplements worth it?

Do you use supplements as part of your beauty routine? It can be hard to decipher which supplements are worth your money, and choose the good from the bad. I’m going to delve into the work of beauty supplements and find out which supplements are must haves, which could be good for a boost but are non essential, and which are totally bogus! Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts on supplement ingredients.

Beauty Hacks from Buzzfeed

I love a good beauty hack to make life that little bit easier, and Buzzfeed have compiled 44 of them. From using vaseline on pulse points prior to using fragrance to make perfume last longer, to highlighting your skin is just 2 seconds – they really do have every beauty knack you could ever need! Be sure to check them out here.

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

Are you a fan of coconut oil? In recent years it’s become hugely popular for both cooking and in beauty uses. Full of healthy fatty acids, coconut oil is known as being both moisturising, healing and anti-inflammatory, so it’s no wonder that it is so popular in the beauty world.

Use it as a hair treatment by warming it between your hands and running it through the lengths of your hair, leave it to soak before washing out. You can also use a small amount as a hair serum to tame frizz.

Coconut oil is brilliant used as a facial oil underneath moisturiser, or as a lip balm. You can even use it to tame your brows!

My favourite use for coconut oil is as a body oil – it really is wonderful at smoothing dry patches and nourishing the skin so that it glows!

Are You Exfoliating Properly?

Exfoliating is the key for a youthful glow. Not only does it increase cell turnover, but it also helps further skincare products like serums and moisturisers sink in. Exfoliating is great for all skin types, but make sure you’re doing it properly.

Dry, flaky skin will benefit from a manual exfoliant, that means one which contains granules to physically slough off skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion. Sensitive skin should stick to a warm, wet washcloth with your favourite cleanser – use it in circular motions and go gently. Finally, oily or spot prone skin is best off with a chemical exfoliant that uses exfoliating acids to peel the skin cells away and smooth out bumps at the same time.

The Blusher Wardrobe

This is the third post in our makeup wardrobe series, all about blushers and bronzers. There are just a few cheek products you need for any occasion or makeup look.

The peach or pink blusher – depending on your skin tone, you should have a pink or peach blusher in your makeup bag. Peach tones will suit you if you have more red in your skin, while pink is better for more yellow skin tones.

Cream or gel blusher – cream, liquid or gel blushes look more natural and give a youthful glow.

The matte bronzer – a matte bronzer looks more natural and can be used to give a sunkissed look to the face, or as a contour product.

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