The Perfect Highlight

I absolutely adore using highlighters in my makeup. It gives the skin a glow, and it adds dimension and structure to a face which has lost some of it’s structure due to a full face of foundation. The complexion looks bright, healthy and fresh.

There are lots of ways to apply highlight, however I have a foolproof way of applying highlighter so that it always looks fresh and natural. Too much highlighter can you make you look like you’re made of plastic, too little can look out of place.

This is where you should apply your highlighter – a dab on the cupids bow and on the bridge of the nose, a touch along the cheekbone and brow bone, and a smidge on the top of the forehead. Next, blend it thoroughly, so there are no hard lines or edges. You’ll be left with a very natural, luminous and bright complexion.

Pastel Hair Is Still In

The last few years have seen a huge rise in fashion colours when it comes to hair dye – blue, red, green, orange and hot pink have all had their day. Now, the trend for bright hair colours has shifted, and it’s pastel hues which are the most wanted shades.

Candy floss pink, washed out blue, mint green and faded yellow are the hottest trends of the moment for hair. Get the look yourself without the commitment, with hair chalk or wash our pastel hair dye – they work best on blonde hair which acts as a neutral canvas.

Is eye cream worth it?

I have a confession to make – I rarely use eye cream. I’m lucky, because my eyes aren’t sensitive, so I can use my usual serums and moisturisers under my eye. I personally found that my under eyes are well taken care of and that my usual lotions and potions work just as well under my eyes as they do elsewhere on my face. However, if you have sensitive eyes or your eyes are a trouble spot for you, then I would always suggest using an eye serum and cream targeted for your issues. If I am ever having trouble with the skin under my eyes (usually it’s dryness from air travel) then I will use an eye cream, so it’s always worth having one on hand.

Do you use eye cream?

Favourite Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is just around the corner, and the beauty bloggers are getting ready with their awesome makeup tutorials. Here are some of my favourite Halloween makeup looks, on YouTube – are you tempted to try any this year?

The New Nail Shape

It used to be that nails came in three shapes – square, round and oval. Now we have squoval, almond, stiletto, and the new shape… coffin.

Coffin nails are the hot new shape in the nail circuit. Also known as the ballerina nail, which is frankly far more appealing, the coffin nail is long and tapered, like the stiletto nail, but then blunt at the end rather than going to a point. What do you think of the coffin nail shape?

Stop Biting Your Nails

If you dream of having long, healthy nails but you can’t quite kick the habit of biting them, try our tips for stopping biting your nails for good!

  1. Get a manicure – if your nails look good, and you’ve spent money and getting them looking nice, you wont want to ruin them by nibbling on them.
  2. Chew gum – next time you feel like chewing your nails, chew some gum instead to keep your mouth busy.
  3. File your nails Рeven though you may want to grow them out, filing your nails in stead of biting them will help you get over the hurdle of chewing them until  you can grow them out without being tempted!
  4. Play with a stress ball – sometimes you just need to keep your hands busy, so invest in a stress ball or play with something like an elastic band to occupy yourself.
  5. Use a no-biting nail varnish. They taste awful, so you get a nasty shock if you absent mindedly start chewing!

The Best Autumn Lip Colour

Most of us change our makeup at least a little bit for the autumn and winter seasons. One of the easiest ways to switch from summery to autumnal makeup is to add a new lipstick colour to your look. Dark shades are a go-to for autumn, as are reds and berry shades. This season, combine them all with a deep plum hue for your latest lipstick. It’s bang on trend for this season and will instantly give your look a more autumnal feel. Keep the texture velvet or matte, as this has a more chic look.

Hairbands are Back in Style

The number one accessory trend for this autumn and winter is hairbands. If hair bands are a throwback to your school days, then you may need some convincing about tis trend. However, trust me when I say that modern hairbands are nothing like those clunky, uncomfortable things you wore as a little one.

Hairbands are now beautifully ornamental. There are two main styles which are currently in trend. Firstly, the floral crown hairband – a boho style which suits the current trend for all things seventies, perfectly.

Secondly, is the trend for jewellery like hairbands. Delicate jewels and precious metals give an elegant and high class look which wouldn’t look out of place at a dinner party.

Will you be rocking hairbands this season?

Illuminating Powder for Autumn

In summer, I love a bit of liquid or cream highlighter along the top of the cheeks. It gives a glow, but also a dewy look to the skin which is perfectly suited to the warmer weather. However, when the colder weather sets in I favour a more polished look.

I’m not quite ready to give up the glowing skin for mattifying products though. I simply switch from using a highlighter to applying an illuminating powder to set my makeup. It gives a neater, more refined finish to the makeup, without compromising on glowing skin. Perfect!

What do beauty ingredients do?

Have you ever wondered what beauty ingredients really do? Well, BellaSugar have come to your rescue. They’ve compiled a handy table which explains what common ingredients we find in skincare, and why they are included. It is definitely well worth a read. Go and take a look, here.

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