Are You Exfoliating Properly?

Exfoliating is the key for a youthful glow. Not only does it increase cell turnover, but it also helps further skincare products like serums and moisturisers sink in. Exfoliating is great for all skin types, but make sure you’re doing it properly.

Dry, flaky skin will benefit from a manual exfoliant, that means one which contains granules to physically slough off skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion. Sensitive skin should stick to a warm, wet washcloth with your favourite cleanser – use it in circular motions and go gently. Finally, oily or spot prone skin is best off with a chemical exfoliant that uses exfoliating acids to peel the skin cells away and smooth out bumps at the same time.

The Blusher Wardrobe

This is the third post in our makeup wardrobe series, all about blushers and bronzers. There are just a few cheek products you need for any occasion or makeup look.

The peach or pink blusher – depending on your skin tone, you should have a pink or peach blusher in your makeup bag. Peach tones will suit you if you have more red in your skin, while pink is better for more yellow skin tones.

Cream or gel blusher – cream, liquid or gel blushes look more natural and give a youthful glow.

The matte bronzer – a matte bronzer looks more natural and can be used to give a sunkissed look to the face, or as a contour product.

Quick Tip: How to Use a Makeup Sponge

A makeup sponge is a fantastic tool for your personal makeup kit. When used properly, a sponge can create a more natural look when foundation is used, blending the foundation into the skin rather than brushing it on top of the complexion. However, there is a certain technique to using a sponge to apply foundation and if it isn’t done properly makeup can look cakey.

So, what’s this easy and quick tip? Simply wet the sponge first. Using a damp sponge means that the foundation isn’t totally soaked into the sponge which is wasteful. Run the sponge under warm water then wring it out so it is just damp – too wet and the makeup won’t blend properly. Then, dab the makeup over the complexion in a stippling motion. Build up the layers for more coverage. Easy!

The Lipstick Wardrobe

Our Makeup Wardrobe series continues today with the lipstick wardrobe – all of the lip products you need for a capsule makeup collection!

The red lipstick – a red lippie is classic and depending on your makeup can be traditional or modern. Choose a tone of red which suits your skin tone.

The ‘your lips but better’ lipstick – a lipstick close to your own lip colour can add warmth, complement your skintone and perk up your complexion.

The peachy pink lipstick – perfect for spring and summer, the peachy pink lip colour suits everyone. It’s feminine, pretty and perfect for day or night.

The clear gloss – a clear gloss is easy to wear and adds a polish to any makeup look which makes you look more put together and done.

The Pimple Buster

There’s one skincare product which is great at clearing up the occasional spot, and everyone should have it in their skincare stash. It’s inexpensive and a wonder product at drying up and healing spots. The wonder product is Benzoyl Peroxide.

It’s known as being a harsh ingredient, but benzoyl peroxide is great as an occasional on the spot treatment. If a pimple pops up simple cover it in a dab of BP. It’s an anti-inflammatory which will soon take down spots small and large.

It can be drying, so use it with a good moisturiser and this will prevent any dryness or flaking from occurring.

The Eyeshadow Wardrobe

I firmly believe that there are core makeup pieces that everyone should own. A red lipstick, a coral blusher, a dewy foundation… there are some classics that should be present in every makeup bag.

This is a new series on the Only Nature Blog called the makeup wardrobe. I’ll be guiding you through the products you should have in your makeup arsenal, so that you can master any flattering makeup look.

First up, is The Eyeshadow Wardrobe.

1. The copper shadow – flattering on all skin tones and eye colours, copper looks great in a softly blended line to a smoky eye – it can be pretty for day time or dramatic for night time.

2. The skin tone shadow – a shadow close to your own skin tone works well in two ways. Firstly, as a day time shadow to brighten up the eye area and make you look more awake, secondly as a base for colour – making it easier to blend and last longer.

3. The black brown shadow – black brown colour is softer than black alone and can be used as a liner, or in the crease of the eye for a dramatic look.

4. The bright shadow – choose a colourful shadow which complements your eye colour. Blue eyes suit orange tones, green eyes looks great with lilac and brown and hazel eyes look gorgeous with pinks and greens.

4. The shimmery shadow – a pale golden or silver shadow is a must have. Use it in the corners of your eyes to brighten up your whole face, make your eyes bigger and make you look more awake.


How to Double Cleanse

Did you know that cleansing should be a two step process? Removing makeup and washing your face are two entirely different things, which is why double cleansing is so important at the end of the day.

Double cleansing is essentially washing your face twice, but there are a few tricks which are useful to know.

Pick your cleansers wisely – the first cleanse is just to remove makeup and grime for the day, so you don’t need expensive or luxurious cleansers for this, or one with many active ingredients. An oil works well to remove makeup, as it emulsifies and removes it completely. Your second cleanse will cleanse the skin and work as a treatment – make it into your own little spa experience! Use a balm, and massage it thoroughly into the skin, paying attention to congested areas. Remove it with a warm, wet flannel before toning and using any treatments and moisturisers.

Double cleansing your skin every night will lead to a clearer and healthier complexion.

The Skincare Rule for Life

If I could go back and talk to my teenage self, but could only offer one piece of beauty advice it would be this: protect during the day, repair at night. This is the best rule for beautiful skin throughout life.

During the day is when our skin has to put up with the most. It is contending with sun damage, pollution, stress, oxidative damage and weather conditions. All of which take a toll on the complexion. By using the right products such as sunscreen and antioxidant rich serums, we can hugely minimise the amount of damage our skin is subjected to throughout the day.

At night, our skin is relatively safe and sound. This is when you should focus on repairing the skin – taking action against skin complaints and undoing any daily damage that has occurred. The best thing for this is retinol treatments and overnight acid peels which give the skin a boost, improving cell turnover and making skin function at its best potential.

Stick with this simple concept and you will find yourself with an enviable complexion.

A Makeup Challenge

When it comes to makeup, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. We find a look that works for us (for me, it’s a natural eye, pink cheeks and bare lips) and we stick with it – for years and years. However, our face changes. Whether it’s our skin tone changing, ageing setting in or even a new hair cut or colour. Except, most of us won’t change our makeup to keep up with our face and before we know it our makeup doesn’t suit us anymore and we haven’t even realised.

My challenge to you this week is simple – change up your makeup! Try a different look; give it a chance for at least a day and keep an open mind. So if you love a smoky eye, maybe use just a slick of mascara and opt for a bold lip instead. If you wear a lot of makeup, why not try a natural look? Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

5 Ways to Improve Your Mood

We all have days when we’re just not in the best mood. Sometimes it feels like it’s for no reason at all – we just feel sluggish, down in the dumps or a little bit grumpy. It can be hard to snap out of a bad mood, but there are some things you can do to make yourself feel better. You might not want to get started with them and prefer to binge watch Netflix, but once you get going you’ll notive your mood lift.

1. Tidy up – it really is true that a tidy home equals a tidy mind. Clutter can feel stressful, so set a timer for 30 minutes and clean up as much as you can in that time. You’ll have a nicer space to relax in, and you’ll have achieved something productive – both instant mood lifters!

2. Get dressed up – lounging around in your PJs may feel like a nice plan but you’ll feel better about yourself if you get dressed nicely. Do your hair and makeup too while you’re at it. It’ll give you a confidence boost!

3. Listen to your favourite album. Have a dance and a sing along too!

4. Have a healthy but wholesome meal. Tuck into a homemade meal full of protein, vegetables and healthy fats. The boost of nutrition will give you a mental boost too!

5. Get some exercise. Whether it’s lifting weights, running, yoga or going for a walk – take time out to get some exercise and the endorphins released will make you feel a hundred times better.

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