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Madonna Goes Makeup Free

Recently Madonna was spotted wearing very little , naybe absolutely no, makeup. She looks fresh faced, glowing and healthy. Admittedly, she has the world’d best dermatologist (and possibly surgeon?) on hand to make sure her skin is in top notch condition, but there’s not denying her complexion looks lovely here. We wsih she would sport […]

Madonna’s Truth or Dare

Queen of pop Madonna is releasing a fragrance. Jumping on the celebrity perfume bandwagon, Madge’s scent is called Truth or dare. The below clip conjures up images of a heady, deep and modern scent but it reality it is light, floral and more vintage than contemporary. Watch the video here

Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance

What do you mean you missed it? Madonna’s Super Bowl performance firmly cemented the yoga loving songstress as the Queen of Pop and the fashion and makeup on show was incredible. Madge looked great and has defied the ageing process with her well chosen treatments. Time for a tea break? Sit back and enjoy the […]

Madonna’s Scent

Madonna is now officially launching her first perfume, called Truth or Dare by Madonna. The fragrance shares the name of her 1992 documentary, Madonna: Truth or Dare, but it is also related to Madonna’s mother, who died when Madonna was just five years old. The pop star told WWD “My oldest memory of my mother […]