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Essie 15ml Nail Polish
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Salon Skin Care - Nails - Essie
Essie Good To Go Topcoat  *NOTE*:  118ml

Good To Go Topcoat, 118ml

Essie Shine-e

Essie Shine-e, Finish restorer 15ml

BE011139 - £14.95

BE011198 - £35.70

Star Nail Art Kit

Star Nail Nail Art Kit - Create your own show stopping nail art, in one bag. Contents: - 6 x Attitude Professional Nail Lacquer, Precision Painter Brush, Skinny Striper Brush, Super Striper Brush, Special Effects Tool, Finishing Sealer, 5 x Nail Art Pens, Dust Mixer, 4 x Dusts, Metallic Wrap Adhesive, 1 x Metallic Wrap, Striping Tape, Transfers, Rhinestones, Glitter Striper, 2 x Nail Art Cane, 1 x Nail Art Cane Cutting Blade, 1 x Nail Art Cane Slices, Ultra Form Tips - 50 pack. Kit contents may vary slightly.

JB9299 Nail Art Kit- £89.75

Solutions by Hive Nail Basics

Hand Soak with Green Tea and Lavender, prior to manicure, 150ml

Hand Treatment Cream with Aloe Vera, Coconut and Jojoba, 100ml

Nail Buffing Cream to shine natural nails, 15ml

Hand Treatment Mask to rehydrate and revive, 100ml

JB10850 - £5.95

JB10851 - £5.95

JB10853 - £5.95

JB10856 - £5.95

Beautiful Nails

beautiful nails ....

Power Basecoat, prevents chipping, 15ml    JB8416    £4.50

Matte Basecoat, with Silica
15ml    JB8413    £4.00

Ridgefill Basecoat, evens surface, 15ml    JB8412    £4.00


Strong Point, condition weak nails, 15ml    JB8423    £4.85

Three-in-One, Base & topcoat + Strengthen 15ml    JB8420    £4.50

Glossy Topcoat, with acrylic, 15ml    JB8415    £4.00

Whoosh, Quick-Dry top coat 15ml    JB8418    £4.50

Xtra Hard, For weak nails 15ml    JB8414    £4.85

Cuticle Remover Plus, 15ml    JB8422    £4.00

Salon System Power Basecost - JB8416
SalonSystem Matte Basecoat - JB8413
SalonSystem Ridgefill Basecoat - JB8412
SalonSystem Strong Point - JB8423
SalonSystem 3 in 1 - JB8420
SalonSystem Glossy Topcoat - JB8415
SalonSystem Whoosh - JB8418
SalonSystem Xtra Hard - JB8414
SalonSystem Cuticle Remover Plus - JB8422

Toma 45 Second Top Coat, 13ml    JB3838   £6.25

Toma 45 Second Top Coat - JB3838

Toma Freeze It Quick Dry, 13ml    JB3839   £8.00

Toma Freeze It Quick Dry - JB3839

Polish Corrector Pen, with 3 tips    JB3897   £8.50

LCN Polich Corrector Pen - JB3897
Oh So Wet Wet look top coat - JB3856
Out of Stock

Oh So Wet, Wet look top coat JB3856   £8.95

Millennium Replenish Cuticle Oil (Almond)   JB4672 30ml   £8.55

Millenium Cuticle Oil - JB4672
SalonSystem Nails to Go French Tip Kit - JB7963

SalonSystem French Tip Kit(Thin)  JB7963  £18.55

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