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How to Maintain your New Year Resolutions

How to Maintain your New Year Resolutions

February is here, and that means one thing - that those New Year's Resolutions which seemed so simple a month ago, are really starting to wear thin. The motivation is waning, and temptation is creeping in after being as good as gold for the first month of the year. No matter what your New Years Resolutions may be, from going to the gym on a regular basis to drinking enough water, by the time February hits it can be difficult to keep them up. Next time you want to ditch your resolutions, remember that it takes a while to build a habit and the same goes for breaking a habit. You've done so well, you just need to keep going for a little bit longer for that habit to feel second nature to you. Before long, your new year's resolution will no longer feel like a chore, you'll hardly even notice it. If you're struggling to keep it up, remind yourself why you chose the resolutions in the first place. Write out your reasons and put them somewhere you can see every day. A daily reminder of what you want to achieve will help you stay on track and determined. Give yourself goals to reach. So, perhaps your resolution was to start running. Why not make it a goal to sign up for your first race in the summer, and set yourself progressive goals until them - whether it's a certain time you want to beat, or a distance you can reach. Every time you reach a goal, treat yourself to something you've been wanting or planning for a while. Finally, team up with a friend or family member, and hold each other accountable. So, if you've stopped drinking or smoking but are about to cave, you have someone you can get in touch with and they can talk you down from it.

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