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Algologie Hydra Plus Eye Contour Gel- 50ml
£23.50 - £218.55
Algologie Sensi Plus Triple C Cream- 100ml
£29.60 - £275.30
Algologie Sensi Plus Triple C Cream- 50ml
£25.00 - £232.50

The ageing of skin

The natural ageing process or intrinsic ageing is a natural process which begins in our mid twenties. Young,wrinkle free, skin is made up of a considerable amount of type 1 and type 7 collagen as well as elastin (to provide skin strength and that which makes the skin spring back when pinched). Young skin also contains Hyaluronic Acid, a sugar type complex, which holds moisture and makes the skin soft and supple. As we age, the ability to produce these elements diminishes and ageing fibroblasts produce "matrix metaloprotienases" - enzymes which inhibit collagen and elastin. This is where we get out lines and wrinkles. We further see extrinisic ageing - this is caused by such things as too much sun, smoking, gravity and even continual facial expressions.

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